Kitchen renovation updates – Good news & Bad news

Cabinet 1'


pantry ponywall

The good news is my kitchen is definitely looking like a kitchen. The bad news is that my sink base is missing, meaning there will be a delay in having plumbing and a counter top.

I’m definitely feeling irked that the sink base somehow was on the order but got completely missed everywhere else, but what do you do. You express your frustrations, see what they can do to hasten the completion, and move on.

So that’s what I’m doing. They should be able to get us the sink base in a week, and then the counter tops will be able to be ordered.

Another bit of good news though: appliances come today so I’ll at least be able to use the stove and fridge. Woop!

I’ll be updating as progression is made.
Thanks for watching the progression!

Kitchen renovations – they came!

Kitchen renovations - they came!

Today the contractor came and finished ripping out the pony wall and cut into the walls to get them prepped for squaring off. Tomorrow they come to do electrical work, sheet rock, and construct the new pony wall.
I noticed that one of the walls that connects to the outside was only partially insulated. I’m going to go buy some extra insulation so they can install it so when I’m sitting in my little recipe desk, I don’t freeze half my butt off.

Things are starting to move along, and I’m very happy with that. The contractor seems knowledgeable so I’m happy with that as well, but construction and prep work leading up to this has been going on since December so no matter what, I’m getting notably anxious and excited.

More pics to come as the days progress. My hope and goal, along with the original plan, is to have this all done by Friday. Woo!

Kitchen renovation – old out, new coming in…..hopefully

Before I left for my guard drill this weekend, we did a final, all out, do what we can, overhaul on the kitchen. And by we, I mean mostly the husband. “We” ripped out all remaining cabinets besides where the sink and plumbing is, and Dylan also ripped out the pantry. ImageImageImage

We all did this knowing that on Saturday, the electrician/plumber guy would be out to disconnect everything so that on Monday, construction could start.

Let me note though, that it was only slated to start on Monday because I made a fuss. AGAIN, this company tried to delay us a week. I told them that was unacceptable. I’d already been delayed due to their contractor’s inability to communicate. Our “coordinator” talked to her manager. Miraculously, she scheduled a guy to come out Saturday and for the whole deal to start this Monday, i.e., tomorrow. 

Saturday came and went and our electrician/plumber guy never showed up. Apparently he called me before he was even scheduled to come that morning to tell me he wanted to reschedule. Here’s the thing: I can’t get to my phone during the day at drill because where I work, I cannot bring in cell phones. I got the message in the afternoon and left him a message. He never called the hubs even though he should have had that number as an alternative, and unless it was an emergency, why reschedule when it would have been about 10 minutes worth of work? It was literally supposed to be him coming to disconnect and make sure everything was off so demo could start Monday. 

I’m really hoping someone shows up on Monday, at 8am like they are scheduled to, and that they can turn off and disconnect all necessary outlets, lines, etc. I’m going to have a hard time staying calm if they tell me they cannot work since no one came on Saturday. Hell, I’ll figure out how to turn everything off and disconnect all that needs to be disconnected if that will start this dang process. This girl can live off microwave dinners and sandwiches only for so long!

Either way, I’ll be speaking with Home Depot and the construction company on Monday because a no-show is a no-show, whether we can go on or not. I think this company has gotten away with enough already, and I’m guessing, based on reviews from other people (mostly all bad), that most people haven’t complained outright, just online. Stand up and complain people! Not just online, but in person. 

The day and age we live in these days has us cowering behind a computer complaining, but never addressing it with the actual vendor. Maybe that’s why vendors feel they can get away with a lot more these days? I feel sometimes like the customer has been forgotten and the ever mighty dollar is the only thing remembered. Without a happy customer however, you will never see as many dollars. Never. 

Wish me luck and I will wish myself the same luck, cross my fingers and toes, and hope someone shows up tomorrow.

Kitchen renovation – It just may happen

Our cabinets came in today, hurrah hurrah!! I never thought I’d actually get to the point of my kitchen actually happening. The load, all 27 pieces, came in to the garage (and fit) today and will start the install process officially on Monday. Saturday the plumber and electrician will shut off everything and make sure it’s ready for prep. Then Monday the demolition starts. 

In the meantime, Dylan spray painted the frame I’d gotten at a garage sale, and I hung it up. My plan is to eventually cover the wall with more frames to balance the length of the wall.



Here is a few pics to get you an idea of what our cabinets will be looking like. Image

Our big giant pile of wood, soon to be a beautiful kitchen.


I found the cutlery drawer. Special ordered, double layer drawer to hold all of our cutlery. 


This gives you a good idea of the cabinet color – maple cabinets in espresso. 

Next week will be quite busy and exciting. I finally will be completely checked out of the apartment, which will just be a weight off my shoulders. Wednesday I have cleaners to come in and help clean the apartment and our appliances come in as well. Then Friday is check out day and the final day of the renovation!

I’ll post more pics as progression continues!

Kitchen renovation – week 6 – stumbling blocks overcome

We got all of the rest of the paperwork they needed to complete the Project loan yesterday, so as of yesterday, we have an order put in for the kitchen. Woohoo! This has been one heck of a ride and I’d say we’re only about half of the way there. I’m working on getting in touch with the contractor now, to make sure he got the approved plans. The order will be put in for our cabinets and then we wait again…around 3-4 weeks for them to be built and shipped. I’m hoping and praying they’ll come in faster than usual but I’m kind of doubting it. It sounds like the new year is when a lot of other people want to renovate their homes as well so I’m sure the cabinet creators are busy busy! 

I went in to Home Depot last night to sign the papers and the plans, and had to bring the pups. I’m so glad Austin is so dog friendly. You can bring them into most home improvement stores. I’d just gotten home from work when I’d gotten the call to come back into Home Depot to sign papers. If I left immediately after coming home, the dogs would be quite upset. Luckily our designer was very happy to have the dogs hang out with us while I signed the papers, and of course, the pups loved the attention as well. 

So papers signed, discounts honored, with a savings/freebies total of around $3K, I’m very excited. That will basically pay for the appliance upgrades we’ll be purchasing as well. 

We then went to the apartment to grab the rest of the plastic containers and do some vacuuming, but as it was eight o’clock already, I wanted to get back home to get ready for the next day. 

We went back home, I shed my coat and boots, did a load of laundry and dishes, got some food ready for the next day at work, then finally made some tea and sat down to read for a bit. I need to have at least a little relax time before heading to bed. The weather has been quite chilly here for central Texas so the pups laid near by to keep myself and them warm.

Next up while we wait for cabinets: PAINT & more living room decor!