Ready Player One: Ernest Cline

Book style: Dystopian/science-fiction/thriller/nerd book

Beer style: Pahlay’ahlay Pale Ale by Fair State Co-op, Minneapolis


Do you like the 80s? Do you like video games? Do you like dystopian futuristic societies? Well if you like any of these, you’ll like this book, dare I say you will love this book.

I’m going to restrain myself in geeking out too much but I have to say right away that I LOVED this book.

This book focuses on a guy named Wade, but you mostly know him as Parzival. In this dystopian society, most people spend their time in a virtual reality called The Oasis. When James Halliday, the creator of The Oasis dies, he releases a video to everyone that he has left his fortune to anyone who can find three keys and get through three gates. At the end of the message, he leaves a clue. At first, people scramble to find the first key. Halliday is worth billions, and in a world where people are barely scraping by, in mobile homes stacked on top of each other, this is the way out. But after months, and then years go by, and no one finding any key, people start to give up and figure it was a ruse Halliday put on, for whatever reason.

But Wade finds the first key, and before he knows it, his score is broadcast around the world and he starts the search for Hallidays inheritance into a renewed frenzy. While people start to look for the key, another group, the IOI come looking for the key as well, but with additional resources and the desire to rule The Oasis, this group will stop at nothing to win.

This book is fun to visualize, has a great plot line, reads quickly, and is just all over a lot of fun to read. I’m a big fan of the 80s, so I loved all the references to the music, movies and video games of that decade.



This book is also turning into a movie in 2018, directed by Steven Spielberg, and I will definitely be going there to see it. I have the feeling that it’s going to be visually stunning.

The Fair State beer was the first time I’d had it. We had traveled up to Minnesota for the 4th, so of course we picked up a bunch of brews we can’t get here. It was delicious! Hoppy but so balanced and crisp. And I loved the can art. I felt like it fit well with this book.

Overall rating: 10/10


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