Guardian: John Saul

Book style: Thriller/fantasy

Beer style: Never got around to it

*Breathes a sigh of relief*

It felt so good to read a good book again! After reading the Iris Johanson books, I needed something with good dialogue, an original story line.

This book combines a thrilling landscape (the mountains of Idaho), with the mystique of the unknown. John Saul does a good job putting you in the landscape. You can see the landscape and the cabin by the mountains. You can feel the air chill as the time moves forward.

This book is about two families, far apart from each other. MaryAnne is recently separated, and has two kids, Logan and Alison, lives in New Jersey, while Audrey, an old friend, lives with her husband Ted,  and their son Joey, in a small town in Idaho. Although they hadn’t seen each other for awhile, they still spoke on the phone regularly, and MaryAnne was Joey’s godmother.

One evening, MaryAnne gets a call. Audrey and Ted have both been killed. With her grief bunched up inside her, she flies out to Idaho with her kids to tend to Joey and the funeral paperwork. After arriving, she finds out how her friends died. Both instances seemed slightly suspicious, but she had no proof that anything was amiss.

After settling in, she decides to stay in Idaho and start the kids in school here. She’d recently separated from her husband, and needed a change of scenery. It seemed like this small town was a better environment than New Jersey. At first, things seemed to be going alright. The kids were liking school. Joey seemed happy and adjusted enough, but in the evening he seemed different, but she wrote it off as grief. As time passes, MaryAnne becomes wary of Joey. Besides MaryAnne’s friends, other people in the small town have been gruesomely murdered. Their flesh ripped away, but not eaten. Some of the kids, and even adults have been whispering rumors, that something isn’t right with Joey. That maybe somehow he’s connected to the killings.

Although I was able to predict the direction of this book, I still wanted to keep reading. I had an idea but I didn’t know how it would completely end, and there were some twists I didn’t quite see until they happened. John Saul does a great job telling a story and I’ll definitely be reading more.

Overall rating: 9/10


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