Countdown: Iris Johansen

Book style: Thriller/mystery

Beer style: Ginger Kombucha by Tapuat

Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the last Iris Johansen book I read, I decided to try another. I kept going in the series. This one is #6, Countdown. It follows Jane again, but four years after her last encounter with Trevor and the mysterious Cira of Herculaneum in Blind Alley.

Jane is now in college but still has Trevor and the incidents that happened four years ago on her mind. Whatever happened to the gold, or Trevor? Or Cira for that matter? They never did find her remains or the gold. Trevor went off to find both, but she hadn’t heard from him in four years, although, did she really want to?

When Jane’s childhood friend is killed when leaving a bar, the incident at first seemed like a robbery gone wrong. But when Jane, who was in the alley during the murder thinks about it, she realizes this couldn’t be murder. The suspects never demanded cash, only that she remain alive. What was going on?

When word of this incident sweeps back to Trevor, he comes back into her life, to keep her safe from unknown sinister characters. He convinces her to fly with him to Scotland, where she spends her time unraveling the mysteries of who is after her and the gold.


Overall, the dialogue was better than Blind Alley, but I’ll be taking a break from the series. I hope that Iris’s books get better, but there’s just too many out there right now to complete this series when I’m not loving it.

I made my own kombucha recently and I’ve been trying different brands, to get an idea of the different flavor profiles of other kombuchas. This ginger kombucha from Tapuat was good. Slightly sweet, but a little malty, which was different from what I’m used to.

Overall rating: 7.5/10



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