Blind Alley: Iris Johansen

Book style: Fiction/crime thriller

Beer style: meh, didn’t bother

I started reading Iris Johansen books probably around 10 years ago, when she’d first gotten this series rolling. I didn’t follow the numbered series at first. I read one when I grabbed it off the library shelf, and then would pick up another if it was available. I read a few total, then didn’t read anymore. I think I liked them, but just got distracted with other books. Easy to do. I decided that I should try reading the series through this time, instead of picking one here and there.

Although the books don’t have to be read in succession, Iris Johansen sometimes will bring up pieces of things that did happen before (including some important pieces in the first few books) that make the most sense when read in order. I started the series back up with #5, Blind Alley.

I started with this one, knowing I hadn’t read it. All of the books in this series focus around Eve Duncan, a famous forensic sculptor who gives faces to people who have been missing for a long time. Her sculptures help solve long ago crimes and missing persons. Her husband is Detective Joe Quinn, a smart and caring, but cunning detective with the Atlanta PD. This book focused more around Jane, Eve and Joe’s adopted daughter. She becomes the focus of a madman, who wants to erase any resemblance of a woman whom he thinks was the cause of his fathers death.

I guess I remembered these books differently the first time I had started reading them. I remembered them being witty, and quick, fun and exciting. This one had me waiting to be finished. I read it quickly and didn’t really care too much about the finale. To me, this felt like a rush job, with repetitive, unrealistic dialogue and tone. Although Jane has had a tough life, and she’s 17 in the book, they make her sound like her adoptive parents, most likely in their 40’s. The overall plot itself was weak.

I did pick up the next book in the series (Countdown), and I’m hoping it’s better than this one. If not, I may have to give up on my idea of reading them in order as I feel like it’d end up being a waste of time. Too bad.

Overall rating: 4.5/10


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  1. […] Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the last Iris Johansen book I read, I decided to try another. I kept going in the series. This one is #6, Countdown. It follows Jane again, but four years after her last encounter with Trevor and the mysterious Cira of Herculaneum in Blind Alley. […]

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