After Atlas: Emma Newman

Book style: Fiction, Science Fiction

Beer style: Divided Sky Rye IPA by Four Hands Brewing

This is the second Emma Newman book I’ve read and the second in the Planetfall series, although this series isn’t typical. It involves the same time frame, planet, and background story of Planetfall, but the characters and time frame are different.

This story revolves around Carlos Moreno, a cop with a dark and difficult background. His past is mysterious, but he is connected to the ship that took off for Atlas 40 years prior, and is also connected to a strange cult-like group, called the Circle. He is called in to work a special case involving a cult member. More specifically, he’s called in to investigate the death of the cult’s leader, Alejandro, someone who Carlos knew personally.

It doesn’t take Carlos long to figure out that there is more to this case than meets the eye, between the red tape that he has to go through during his investigations, to the people involved in Alejandro’s life, and what the cult is like now, after Carlos had left it over 20 years prior.


This turned out to be another book that Newman has written that keeps me going and guessing the whole time through. I enjoyed this book as much as the last, but each one makes me want to know more. They both end, almost open ended, where the protagonist must make a decision that will change their lives forever, one way or the other.

I’m hoping Newman continues to write more of this series and somehow ties it all together. It could make for a fantastic series, or even a TV series, unless she keeps the books separate and never ties them together. Then I’ll feel a little cheated. I’m keeping Newman on my To-read list as she keeps coming out with more.

I highly recommend, and as always, it’s great with a beer. I had the Rye IPA by 4 hands brewing, which was great. It had a great Rye flavor with a nice fresh hoppy-ness. Not too overwhelming though.

Overall review: 9/10


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