Turbo Twenty-Three: Janet Evanovich

Book style: Fun mystery

Beer style: Boundary Waters Brunette Voyageur Brewing

I’ve read all twenty three of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels. They’re fun, quick reading whodunits featuring Stephanie, a bad luck bounty hunter, who can’t seem to keep a vehicle more than a couple weeks before it blows up on her, Morelli, her on again, off again boyfriend, plus a litany of other fun, memorable characters. There’s Grandma Mazur, Stephanie’s grandmother who’s full of spit and vinegar. She likes to get involved in Stephanie’s shenanigans, wears crazy clothing, always carries, and has some very interesting male callers, and then there’s Ranger, a Puerto Rican hottie, who has his own security company, and who has to bail Stephanie out of bad situation after bad situation.


This story specifically focused on ice cream, and being that it’s the beginning of summer and ice cream season around here, I’m all for it. There’s two main ice cream companies in town and they definitely do not like each other – do they hate each other enough to commit murder? Who knows, but one of the workers at Bogart Ice Cream Company is discovered dead in a delivery truck, so naturally someone at the rival ice cream company, Mo Morris Ice Cream, is prime suspect.

While Stephanie works on catching low-lifes who keep skipping their court dates, Ranger enlists her as a spy at the ice cream companies, to find out if he can get to the bottom of the murder.

Overall this book is consistent with Janet’s Stephanie Plum books. I never really get tired of a fun, quick read and these always deliver for me.

Overall rating: 8.5/10



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