Home: Harlan Coben

Book style: Fiction/suspense/mystery

Beer: Obstruction on the Trollway Citrus IPA by Insight Brewing

I didn’t realize that this Harlan Coben book is part of the Myron Bolitar series. I read #11, but it was easy enough to follow along. This story revolves around Myron and his long time friend Win. Ten years ago, Win’s cousin enlisted his and Myron’s help to find her son, Rhys and his friend, Patrick had been kidnapped at a friend’s house. A ransom had been left, but no one had picked up. They looked for some time, but the case went cold quickly and the boys were presumed dead, although Win and his family never fully gave up the search.

One evening, Win received an anonymous email stating that the boys were alive and gave him an idea of where to find them. So Win, who is something of a muscle for hire, flies out to the UK to find the boys.

Win finds who he thinks is Patrick and tries to go after him but he’s taken over by three thugs, who he has to fight. When he’s finished with them, the boy is gone. He comes back to the states to enlist the help of Myron to find the boys again. They go back to the spot where Win saw Patrick. Myron ends up getting involved with human traffickers but goes with them, figuring they have Patrick. He meets the leader, Fat Gandhi, and strikes a deal for the two boys. A deal is made but things go wrong, and Win has to intervene. Myron is able to grab one of the boys, Patrick, but Rhys is not found in the mad scramble. They bring Patrick back and vow to find Rhys.

The premise of the story is interesting and kept me engaged the entire time. I liked the story line, and the dialog was good, but again, Harlan’s writing could falter. I wrote down a couple of examples that stood out:

“He did that thing where you look the person in one eye, then the other, then back to the first”


“Myron & Dad sat in the same spots in the den or TV room, whatever you want to call it…”

I don’t know if these are thoughts he had while writing and he just has a really crappy editor who doesn’t pick this stuff out, or if he means for this writing style. Maybe he’s trying to make the book more conversational, but I’m not sure of the purpose of it. Either way, I enjoyed the book with a citrus IPA which was light, refreshing but still hoppy and flavorful.

Home with beer

Like I said though, overall, the dialogue, and most of the writing is good and keeps me entertained but a few of these lines just makes me cringe.

Overall rating: 7.5/10




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