You’ve Got a Book in You: Elizabeth Sims

Book style: Non-fiction

Beer style: None – I read this book off an on for over a year

There are probably a million and one books on how to write a novel, so figuring out which ones to read can be difficult. This one actually came as a gift from the hubs, which I found wonderful and sweet. He’s an analyst so he of course did a lot of research when purchasing some books for me. He told me that this was one of a few he’d bought for me that topped the list of books to read about writing.

I finally finished it in just over a year, but don’t take that as it wasn’t a good book. It was a very good book ( I have a ton of spots marked with a sticky note for further reference. Which is definitely what this book feels more like: a reference book to come back to later. And although it’s completely different than Stephen King’s On Writing, it brings a good perspective. On Writing was a mix between Mr. King’s past, how he became a writer, the challenges he faced, and his style of writing. You’ve Got a Book in You is more like a helpful guide and a friendly pep talk, but not in a “Do these steps and you’ll be on the NY Best Seller’s List” kind. Real advice, about writing because you love it, and putting in the effort needed to create some great work.

Elizabeth Sims, the author, is also a published fiction writer (although I’ve not read her books yet). She gives advice across the gamut: advice about constructing your novel, ways to inspire scenes, etc, but she also gives reminders. She reminds you throughout that writing should be enjoyable. You started writing because you felt the pull to write, a passion to tell a story. If you start to hate it, step back for a bit. Reevaluate why. These are thoughts that may seem obvious, but sometimes you get so wrapped up in trying to write, forcing yourself to come up with ideas, you start to lose the right focus. This book, while teaching you great tidbits about the writing process itself, also brings you back to reality. I definitely would recommend this book as a great reference to come back to whenever you’re starting to feel lost in your writing journey.

Overall rating: 8.5/10


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