11/22/63: Stephen King

Book style: “historical” fiction

Beer pairing: Nebraska Brewing EOS Hefeweizen.

I’m not a fan of history. I was a good student in high school. I made the top 10% of my class, got a small scholarship at a college, really loved the sciences, like biology, but I was just never interested in history. It just seemed like memorizing a bunch of numbers and names and locations.

As I get older, I have a much better appreciation for history and each and every impact someone could make that can affect history. 11/22/63 is a book that takes that thought and runs with it in all different directions. Stephen King is already a great story teller and this one is not only a great story, but it also makes you think about the affects little changes, or big for that matter, could have changed history. For the good, or for the bad? It’s debatable, as we obviously will never know.

This story is about a man in current time who, upon a couple of happenstance moments, ends up meeting someone who can transport back in time. The man, Al, who own’s Al’s Burgers, enlists Jack, our protagonist to go back in time to change history. He wants him to stop the assassination of JFK. But history doesn’t like to change. As Jack states, “history is obdurate”. The closer he gets to changing history in a major way, the harder history pushes back to prevent it.

Jack also realizes that changing history doesn’t always change future events like you might think they would.

This book is over 1000 pages but it went so quickly – I highly recommend it, and I recommend it with a Hefeweizen beer. Most of the book takes place in Texas during the summer, so a light unfiltered, slightly sweet beer fits the bill perfectly.



Overall rating: 9.5/10


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