Getting closer….

The bathroom is pretty much finished…Master bath that is. We finally had a break in weather so I was able to finish painting the doors, and we trimmed up the mirror. It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to freshen up a space without tearing anything down or spending lots of money.




I’m now working on re-grouting the guest bath. It’s not a pretty DIY project so I don’t have any pictures. It’s grueling really. Using the ole Dremmel and scraping out all the grout, tile by tile, peeling off caulking….the dust! It’s awful. My hair still feels dry and nasty from the dust even though I’ve showered twice, plus adding oil to my hair, just to give it some moisture.

This transition to Omaha is getting to be really stressful but I’m trying not to let it get to me. The hubs is waiting on a date to start his job (I’m still waiting on an interview date) and we’re trying to get the house picture-ready. Meanwhile, I’m trying to study for an exam while trying to get it scheduled (that’s another headache between different companies who don’t what happened to my voucher), and we are trying to figure out if buying a home right away is going to be viable or if we should try renting for short term, until we find something. Renting sounds awful – moving, then storing half our stuff somewhere while living in a tiny space with four animals, only to possibly move again months later – but it might be the best option if we can’t find anything we love soon enough. There’s a few options now – a mid-century in the burbs that needs some work but is close to everything – a foursquare in town that also needs work but is in a beautiful neighborhood and has a historical presence – or a small foursquare that needs work, but is the cheapest of them all (Property Brothers where are you?!?!?).

We may need to plan a trip to Omaha here soon. (Can I clone myself for the week????)

Anyone in the Omaha area have suggestions for places to live? We like Benson, Dundee and Askarben areas of Omaha as well as the Prairie Lane area, west of 680. I think our realtor is going to hate us because our budget is varied, depending on how much work the home needs, and the areas we like are spread out, and we like a lot of different styles of homes, which leads to a lot of house-looking.

Life is becoming unraveled right now, in the sense that we are letting go of things here in Austin, to dive into something new somewhere else. As a quiet, introverted person who likes calm and order, this is starting to etch carvings into my nerves. With there being a lot of strands loose right now, between jobs, living arrangements, when to sell, when/what to buy, I feel like I’m being picked up by a tornado and dropped off somewhere  unknown. I’m trying to stay calm and work through the process day by day, because really, that’s all you can do.

This little girl, although she’s definitely added more work in our lives, has added a lot of joy too. She’s now six and a half weeks old and is getting more and more brave around the house. The dogs are her buddies and I’m still slowly working on getting our big cat to accept her. He doesn’t necessarily hate her, he just has no interest in her and doesn’t want her near him. I’m hoping he’ll change his mind soon enough.

Edith’s helping me study whenever I can get a moment in

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