Beer, books & dogs

The month of May is rather fun in Austin. Sometimes it’s a bit wet, as it’s the wettest month of the year, but it’s pretty fun because I get to drink beer for a cause. I’m drinking beer to help people and animals. I’m drinking beer for the good of man kind dammit! 

Man kind might be going a bit far, but the drinking of beer is a side effect, as you will, of donating to Divine Canines. Each year, they partner with breweries in the area to create a month-long event called Barks for Beers. The way it goes is, you buy a pint glass that comes with a list of breweries taking part. You go to each of these breweries, and they give you a free pint. The money goes to Divine Canines, who train therapy dogs. The therapy dogs go to VAs, hospitals, schools, etc. It’s a great cause, I get beer out of it and it forces me to explore parts of Austin and other breweries I may not have before.

Breweries to me, are magical places. Every time I walk into one, I want to home brew, start up a business, do something creative. There’s so much energy and innovation in them that I can’t help absorb some of it myself. Besides the brewery atmosphere, the type of people you tend to meet there are always interesting. It’s not the same bar-hopping types usually, or at least it weeds out the ones that are there to get “wasted”. These people specifically came to a brewery, for either the Barks for Beers cause, or because they love a good craft brew and want to see it in it’s every stage and final glory.

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We are just over half-way with our list, but that may be all that we get to, which is fine by me. Mathematically that comes out to $1.67 per pint. I can handle that. And again, it’s for the cause. The beer is the side-effect.


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