Books & Booze

We went on a mini vacation/anniversary trip to the Hill Country. It was about as perfect as one could make it. The weather was perfect, the town was small and quiet, and the food was delicious.

We stayed at a B&B in the town of Comfort and spent a lot of time just sitting quietly, relaxing, and wandering. It’s something we forget to do, or leave to do at the end of the day, once we’ve run out of time.

Besides weddings and anniversaries, people come here to shop. Boutique clothing and trinket shops, along with antique stores line the tiny town, along with a few wonderful restaurants line High Street. For me, the first place I entered was the public library. (Don’t think I’ve never thought of writing an entire blog on visiting libraries). This little library was great. It was in the center of town and smoothly mixed new with the old. The store front on one side, is old, and once was a hardware store, and then converted to a library. The back of the library is now part of an expansion, to include a meeting room, computer lounge, and ….used book store. We stopped in just to take a peek, and left with a couple armfuls of books. It was fantastic.


Later in the day, after lunch, we stopped by the Bending Branch tasting room, just down the street, for a wine tasting. The tasting included 6 different pours (3 white, 3 red), for $10 (the woman behind the counter also gave us another pour of a new wine as well), and if you buy two bottles, they comp your tastings. We both really enjoyed both the red and white Thinker’s blends. So of course, we picked up a couple bottles.


We also stopped by a local, relatively new distiller that made moonshine from cactus paddles and jalapenos. They also make liqueurs in grapefruit and lemon flavors, so naturally we did a tasting a bought a couple cute little bottles.

This was the back area of the B&B. There were chairs and swings attached to the large branches of the Live Oaks peppered along the creek.



Sometimes getting away and doing pretty much nothing is a necessity.



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