DIY floating shelf/desk

I haven’t posted a DIY for a while. We’ve been toying with the idea of moving so I’ve been in this hold of projects. Do I take on anymore big projects if we move? I feel like it wouldn’t be worth it. We repainted the exterior of the house, completely renovated the kitchen, replaced the flooring in half the house, painted the cabinets, framed the mirror and replaced the shower fixtures in the guest bath. I painted every wall in the house as well, so all in all, a lot has been done. I think we are to the point, where the only things I’d want to do before we listed the house would be replace a couple older fans, fix up the fence and get the fireplace working again (it was capped when it was a rental).

We have an office/music room/weight room, and it happens to be the smallest room in the house. Originally I had a desk in the room, which took up a lot of space, just to hold an older iMac we never use and some pens (and papers to be filed).DSC00365.JPG

The other side of the office/music room/weight room. You can see how it can start to feel tight.

I put the desk in the front yard and it was swept up in a day, and I posted the iMac for sale which has a list of possible buyers. I bought a pre-fab board at Lowe’s to make the job easier and some 14″ white brackets, also from Lowe’s. I sanded down the board with a rotary sander to make it extra smooth and wiped it down with a damp cloth to pick up the dust. Luckily I already had primer and glossy spray paint in the garage so this was going to be a relatively cheap project.



Love this stuff
Sprayed in the shade and used the entire can. I focused on the top of the desk and the sides.

I love DIY projects but a lot of times, they take longer to do than I want, because I get nervous about the end result. What if it doesn’t turn out like I was hoping? What if I mess something up? These are all valid questions, but they stop me from doing anything, so I knew I had to push through those fears, as menial as they may seem. One thing that helps me is to give myself plenty of prep time, so when the paint was drying, I came in and measured the center wall and at what height I wanted the board to be at. After the board was dry, I re-measured, using the board itself to mark the height I wanted the desk to be at. After measuring multiple more times, I drilled and I came out even!


Woo hoo! Even stevens as far as I’m concerned. I put up a dry erase board, some speakers, my laptop and cracked a beer (always deserved after a DIY project, no batter how big or small). This floating desk leaves more room for the weight bench to move around and gives the small room a more open feeling.


It felt good to get this little project out of the way. It was something I’d been wanting to do for a while. I gave myself time to think it out, plan, and find the right materials. After that, I took my time measuring and prepping, and it all worked out. Yay! Now….onto the next project!



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