Dorky awkwardness with all kinds of cool

I’m probably pretty dorky sometimes, and definitely usually awkward. Part of it I attribute to me being an only child. I didn’t have any one to look up to or glean the, do this, not that, rules from. I didn’t have cousins near me until I was a teenager, and since I was some transplant from some weird west coast state, they wanted nothing to do with me. So I had to pave my own way. I was always told to be true to yourself, even if others don’t like it. I did this, and true to the wisdom, lost some friends because I was too different from them. But things work out. I don’t have a million friends, but that’s okay because most of them would be fake, and what’s the point in that?

Either way, this video made me think about awkwardness and paving your own way, because you never know, someone may think your dorky awkwardness is actually pretty cool and deserves a record deal. Be true to yourselves folks!



      • I love how he is hiding in wonderfully awkward positions, behind trees, the angles showing his a little too out of focus. Almost like it’s deliberate. Yeah, great video for the awkward!

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