Road trip chaos

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We’re taking a road trip next week to visit friends and family up in Minnesota for a wedding. I’m excited to see friends and family again, and to see Minnesota, but to be completely honest, I’m not too excited about everything leading up to, and including the 20+ hour car ride.

Sometimes the prep involved in a road trip needs it’s own vacation. I have at least three stores to hit up, plus the library (don’t want those late fees!) just today. Hopefully this will knock out most of the errand running for the week. The rest will be trial runs of packing to see what we can fit where. Besides wedding gear and Minnesota clothing, which, due to the weather up there, will include everything from shorts to sweaters, plus, try not to forget, climbing gear. We plan on meeting with a friend to go indoor rock climbing in the cities when we’re down there. I really hope we’re able to go rock climbing. Usually when we visit, we drive up, try to meet with every person we can in a whirlwind of roads and faces, but stopping to enjoy some climbing while catching up would be amazing and refreshing. The hubs and I have also shared a google calendar (Thank You Google), to schedule the week while we’re up there. Since the hubs is in the wedding, he has a couple more responsibilities so we have to make sure he meets those, while meeting with everyone who wants to see us and who we want to see, plus of course, the parents. Luckily our parents live in the same small town, so driving back and forth to see them won’t be too bad. Did I mention the wedding is actually in Wisconsin? Yeah, so we’ll be crossing even more state lines, even while we’re vacationing.

And I haven’t even talked about the kids (i.e dogs). We’ll have to pack bowls for food and water, and coordinate with the parents to watch them while we’re at the wedding.

Uffda! (Haven’t lost my MN expressions yet).

This is just scratching the surface of work to do this week (not to mention I have a full time job), and I’m sure, for all you road trippers, you’re nodding your head at this, thinking, mmmhmmm…. yep..oh yeah.

I’m a list maker, and trips drive me crazy because my brain goes into list-making overdrive. I have a bullet journal, with a list in it, plus a big 4×6 sticky note on top with a list, and in my book I’m trying to finish (so I can return it to the library today), it has two sticky notes with lists on it. I have lists of stores I need to visit, things I need to do, things I need to pack, and things I need to remind the hubs to do.

Uffda again.

*breathing slowly*

I’m going to consolidate lists (I recommend this to anyone) and make it into a timeline so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. The more I can knock out today, the less I have to worry about as the week goes on.

If you have any road trip advice, I’d love to hear it. This is definitely not our first rodeo up to MN from TX, but I’d love to hear any advice you have.

Needless to say, I’ll try to be on to post when I can, but I’m guessing it’ll be a couple of weeks before we’re back and making more progress on the house.

Happy blogging all!

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  1. That totally reminds me of when we go to Utah, because on my side of the family, I have a brother and sister and my parents and on my wife’s side, we have a sister. And we both have friends there too. It is always exhausting visiting everyone and then leaving in a whirlwind. We barely have any time to spend “on vacation” doing the things we want to like waterparks etc. By the way, we used to live in Sioux Falls and would go visit “the cities” quite often. I actually grew up before they had the Mall of America.

    • Haha, “the cities.” I was trolling through blogs, as I do, when I’m bored at work, and saw someone so excited to visit MN and the first thing they were going to do was go to the Mall of America *face palm*. Do people not realize that it’s just a mall?
      Last trip we took to MN involved the dogs as well and we were there for all of four days, including the 21 hours up and back. We’ll be up there longer this time but I’m still not looking forward to the drive. Got my bulk Monster energy drinks though so I can at least get to Kansas before wanting to quit.

      • Yep. It’s just a Mall, but bigger. When I brought my wife there for the first time, she was just like “this is excessive” because she likes to spend a little time in a store and it was just too much and she is much more of a bargain hunter ala Goodwill, so it just wasn’t for her. I like cruising and people watching so it was much more interesting to me. And the amusement rides were just kind of an overpriced novelty. I’m guessing the locals go to other malls. We always liked Bloomingdales I think it was called and maybe Rosewood or something like that? Anyways, have fun driving a million miles and going through the gauntlet of family and friends.

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