24 hours of painting in and making baby steps

I’m still working on painting my house. I’ve had some road blocks here and there, mostly rain. One minute it’s sunny and perfect for painting. The next minute I have this over my head…


Luckily, since I’ve been working on the entry, I’ve still been able to paint a little while the rain comes down since it’s luckily been raining strait down, or from the west, keeping me dry.

Before pillars. The bottoms were replaced with cedar as they had molded and rotted out.
After pillars!
These have been quite helpful with the heat and humidity
These have been quite helpful with the heat and humidity

This week I plan on finishing the front during my spare time, then finishing up the north and south sides. I also need to figure out if I should paint the garage door the house color or the trim color. I still have to pick out the trim color too. Anyone have any tips on garage door colors? Should I make it blend into the house with the body color, or brighten it with the trim color?

Either way, stay tuned – more to come!



      • Oh that’s good. Don’t you sometimes wish you were like those shows on HGTV where they get everything done in 3 days? Everything always takes forever in real life, because little problems seem to pop up (when working on renovation stuff).

        • I wish I had a montage. Get some great music going then bam! Everything looks good and all of a sudden I have new furniture, the painting is done, and my house looks like it came from a magazine. Ha. I’ve been running into a lot of rain delays which is rare for central Texas this time of year but I guess I can’t complain because we definitely need it. I just push forward whenever I can.

          • And for your montage song you could use “Eye of the Tiger” – how great would that be!!!!! Send some rain West, please!!!

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