Monday it is….or maybe Tuesday


More rain today, but Monday is looking good. If we dry out over the weekend (30-40% chance over the weekend), then we paint Monday! If we need more dry time, we paint Tuesday!!

In the meantime, I decided to re-measure the exterior, just to be sure that I was getting the correct square footage, therefore the correct amount of paint. I’d used the blue print we’d been given when we bought the house, but only used it as a rough map. I realized that I had to be cautious of using the measurements as fact, because in certain parts of the house, there’s a limestone facade, so I needed to make sure not to take that into paint consideration. Once I re-measured, I felt much more confident that I had the correct square footage. I did over-estimate in three areas, where our house peaked. I measured the square footage to the peak, just to play it safe.

One question I’m still mulling over in my head, is that if I do two coats, do I double the amount of paint needed? I feel like I use less on a second coat than a first in an interior wall, but I’ve heard differing opinions when it comes to exterior paint. Anyone have any sound advice on this?




  1. OMG! do you have any photos? That’s an absolute nightmare! My husband’s a professional painter and he just, er, looks. For jobs, he does err on the safe side. Second coat is usually less though. Also depends on quality of paint and your ability.

    Add some linkies to pix and/or pits some up. Happy to advise. Plus please say what type of paint and mf you are using. (If it’s cheap and chatty you will need more).

    • I’m slowly starting the process but haven’t gotten to the front yet. I may post some “in-progress” photos soon as it’s going a little slower than planned. I’m using Behr Marquee Satin exterior paint in Mined Coal. I’m loving the color. The coverage isn’t as thick as I was hoping so I will have some spots to go over but won’t need to do as thorough of a second coat as the first for sure. I’ll post soon!

      • I meant did you have some pix just to get a general idea to suggest how many gallons litres you need. I’ll look up the paint. Not one we know. Only US paint in Europe we know is Benjamin Moore. OK, but not my fave.

        • I had counted sq footage (sorry I don’t know metric well enough to translate it immediately), but it came out to about 1800 sq ft with over estimating three peaks. This translates roughly to about 4.5 gallons, since one gallon covers around 400sq ft. I bought five gallons so hopefully it’s enough! Behr is a top brand for department stores. A lot of contractors use it here. As far as our lines go here, the top I’d say are Behr and Valspar.

        • Most of the material is a pressboard. It’s kind of cheap but was popular in the 80’s. There’s a better quality material called Hardy board that people have replaced this stuff with. We’re thinking maybe in 5-10 years we’ll completely reside it but for now this was a much cheaper fix.

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