It’s the little accents that make the difference

I did a little planting today. Potting some plants can add some extra oomph to your deck, patio, or living space, and it doesn’t take much to add that oomph. I was able to grab some Agave shoots, called pups, from a big one at a local grocery store – it was planted in the parking lot – you could ask anyone who owns a plant like this if you could take their offshoots. They may not care since you’d be doing the large plant a favor.

I decided some simple clay pots would be best for these guys. I didn’t want too many different colors and shapes going on, which could end up being distracting. To me, simple is best when it comes to pots.

IMG_4751 IMG_4752

After I planted them in their pots, I gave them a little water and added some leftover pebbles I had to give them a finished look.


Then I planted the Bougainvillea. I got the Bougainvillea at a whopping 75% off and I got the pots at half off from Home Depot. I love a good deal.

IMG_4757  IMG_4766

There’s something calming about planting and re-potting plants. These little changes can make a difference to a quiet or drab deck. I encourage you to check out the clearance racks of plants at places like Lowe’s. They’ll have shabby looking plants anywhere from $1-5 and I’ve never had any of them die on me. They just need a nice pot or a place in the ground to spread out. It’s a great way to experiment with plants you maybe wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Either way, have a wonderful weekend. Get out and about and maybe try to do something different this weekend. Summer time is all about exploration and enjoying the weather, the food, the music, or whatever it is that makes you happy.



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