Pace Bend Park hike

The hubs and I decided to take a hike and get away from the city for a while. We didn’t want to drive too far so we found Pace Bend Park, out by Lake Travis, and about 45 minutes away from home. It was going to be too hot for the dogs to be out more than 20 minutes so we left them at home and took them for a short walk later in the evening. We were out for about an hour and walked almost three miles in the 90 degree heat and even higher heat index. We were very sweaty but if felt good. As long as I have shabby clothes on, I don’t care at all about sweating. Feels like I’m filtering out toxins. I tried taking a few pictures as we walked with my 8 year old point and shoot. Maybe it’s time to upgrade? It still takes decent shots though, so who knows.

DSC04047 DSC04055 DSC04058 DSC04064 DSC04065


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