Patience is a virtue. Everyone knows this. Practicing patience can be harder with some things than others. Waiting at line at the grocery store? I got this. Waiting at the doctor’s office? No biggie. I bring my book everywhere I go. Waiting for my house to be prepped for paint so I can paint it? This is killing me!!

I thought our paint prep people would be out Tuesday, as originally planned and I’d take off Wednesday and start painting. Not so fast. Tuesday is carpentry, where they replace any rotted boards and fill in any holes. Wednesday is pressure wash day. Then we wait the rest of the day for it to dry. Then Thursday is caulking and any other rest of the prep day. Then I can paint. In the words of all Scandinavians: Uffda. That’s a lot more time to prep than I thought. I was getting so excited to paint the house until I found out it would take most of the week to get it prepped.

For me, I am pretty good with patience if it has to do with something like waiting in line. I know there are people ahead of me and all I can do is wait. But when I have these plans in my head, of how long it takes to get something done before I get to work on a project I’ve been planning on for weeks, and then the plans slightly change, it freaks me out. I get antsy and irritable. I have to call on patience to calm me down and remind myself that there’s nothing I can do about it and the house will still get painted, and really, what’s a week? I’ve been waiting to paint the house for months. Well, really, we’ve wanted to paint the house since we’ve owned it so we’ve been waiting to paint the house for a year and a half.

Once I get perspective on things, it’s a little easier to deal with. I’m able to take a breath, and realize that the painting will still get done, and anything rushed is usually regretted down the road. Plus, I still need to get rollers, and probably another good quality brush, and of course….the paint. I need to re-measure to get a good idea of how many gallons of paint I’ll need.

So perspective. Much needed. And thanks for listening to the thoughts in my brain. Typing this out helps me gain perspective. Does writing/typing your worries or thoughts help you gain perspective?

We also took a hike out at Pace Bend Park on Sunday. Getting away from the hustle of the city calms me down too. I feel more relaxed and focused – again, it’s all about perspective. Hopefully soon, I’ll get some pictures posted our hike. It was hot, but felt good to sweat. Have a great Monday everyone.

patience 3


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