Sun! And progress!

Saturday we planned on having some friends over for a make-your-own pizza grilling party. Well, we got more rain in the form of severe storms, so we had to keep the party inside and bake them. The party was still a hit. We had three pizzas going at a time, with all different kinds of toppings. We played games, drank beer, and laughed a lot. As much as there are always things to do, sometimes it’s nice to forget about those things and just be with others.

Sunday morning, we awoke to sun. A full day of sun. Not just a few hours, mixed with clouds, and a sprinkle. No. A whole day of sun. It was fabulous and definitely needed, especially for those who have been adversely affected by the floods.

Previously, I’d mentioned that I went back to Home Depot in the late evening to pick out some more colors because I kept dreaming of grays (literally). I got the samples painted in a couple spots on the house now, and I think I finally have one picked out. I still am not sure on trim though. I may need help with that.

The three colors, from left to right, are Magnet, Mined Coal, and Pier (all Behr). I like Magnet, but I think it has too many cool undertones. I love Mined Coal (right now it’s my winner), but I do love Pier. I decided to try it out as I’ve seen a couple other people paint their houses in it and it looked amazing. I really like it. A lot. But I think it may be slightly lighter than I’d been thinking. But I’m trying to figure out if using it as a trim color might work. What do you think? Or maybe going one shade lighter than Pier for trim? I don’t know. It’s a great color though. I think if my house had more dramatic, mid-century modern type lines, I could get away with a more mild color, but to give my house a more dramatic effect, I need to go slightly darker.


Here’s the same color trio, starting with Magnet on top, Mined Coal in the middle and Pier on the bottom, towards the front of the house, where our stone is. Again, all the colors work well with the stone since it’s so neutral. I think the darker color will definitely make it pop.


Below is a color scheme I found on Pinterest that uses our colors. I’m excited to transform our house soon. The paint prep guy said he will most likely be available early next week so I happily await a phone call from him. Once they prep the  house for paint, I’ll take a day off work during the week to get as much painting as I can get done in a day. Lucky for us, our house is one story, and a lot of the front is limestone, so I don’t think it’ll take too long, especially with the prep being done by pros.



Let me know what you think

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