Entry down, bathroom to finish

With renovations, comes snags. Even in the home improvement shows, there’s always snags. Last night after work, we planned on finishing up the top piece of the framed mirror and painting of the cabinets. Well, the top piece was warped and we spent more time than I’d like to mention, stationed in front of that mirror, pressing the ends in, waiting for the glue to dry. It was a bit frustrating and cost us a lot of time. I was able to add another coat of paint to most of the cabinet doors, but basically ran out of paint. Also, the paint isn’t covering that well, so we’re thinking of doing a final coat with spray paint. This should help coverage and hide any streaking from the brushes. I’m going to buy the spray paint tonight, but we’ve had rain for the last couple days, and it doesn’t plan on stopping for the next few days, so I’m not sure how much spray painting we’ll actually end up getting done. We basically have until Wednesday of next week, so hopefully that will be enough time to get everything done.

The hubs, at least though, was able to get the entry trim finished (minus a little caulking), so that’s looking much better. We’d gone months missing tile in the front entry when we ripped out the old flooring. I was able to find a pretty good match in tile and grout and I’m happy with the final product.

Borrowed a wet saw from a friend. Don’t be afraid of these if you’ve never used them. They’re fun, relatively easy, and do a great job cutting tiles.

I ended up cutting the grout with the wet saw outside…while storms were coming through. I don’t recommend that but I only had a handful of cuts and was getting anxious to get working on it so I could return the saw back to our friend.

Entry before

IMG_4567 IMG_4568 IMG_4604 IMG_4605

I was patient with tile shopping and was able to find this at Home Depot. It’s not always easy trying to match tile that was placed in a home 30 years ago, but luckily it was neutral and common enough to find a match.

One project down, more to go!


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