Gimme an inch…

This last weekend started out quite normal. It was our 9th anniversary so we celebrated with dinner and a show with local artist Emily Wolfe at Lamberts BBQ downtown. We had a great time, despite me deciding to try heels and ruining my feet. It was still fun.

Saturday was a trip to visit some breweries as we have a good excuse right now. We signed up for Barks for Beers, which is a great fundraiser, raising money for therapy dogs. We pay for a pint glass, and we get tickets for a free pint at a dozen breweries in town. The catch is that you have to hit them all by the end of the month. So far we’ve hit three of 12 so we have some work to do. We met up with some friends and had a good time hopping from Independence brewing down to Hops N’ Grain brewing.

Sunday, we decided to upgrade the bathroom a little since we plan on having some friends over during Memorial weekend.

Gimme an inch and I’ll take a mile….

We started out thinking about framing the mirror. I’d seen a cool idea on Pinterest (of course), on framing your big 3′ x 5′ standard mirror they stuck in every 80’s house. So we trekked to Lowe’s thinking we’d pick up the boards and be on our way. Well, then we decided, if we were going to frame the mirror, why not paint the cabinets too? They’re currently oak veneer. We could paint them white to make the little bathroom a little brighter and cheerier. Okay. Check. Paint the cabinets too. Oh, and we should replace the cartridge that’s been leaking in the shower. Picked that up. Oooh, let’s replace the shower head too. The one we have looks kind of ugly. Since we’re replacing that we should replace the handle as well. And since we’re here, we need quarter round to finish out the entry as well….

I went to Lowes for $10 primer and $20 for boards and left with a $200 bill. Lowes is worse than Target or Costco for me.

I don’t have any finished pictures because nothing got completely finished but many things are 80-90% done. We got the trim down in the entry but just need to finish with caulking. Same with the new shower head and handle. The mirror needs the top section and caulking for the frame. And I need to add another coat or two to the cabinets. THEN, pictures will come. We’re hoping to have this all finished by the end of this week so when our friends come out during Memorial weekend, we don’t have to put up caution zones in the house.

The weekend was mostly rainy so we had to set up shop in the living room and garage. We hate messiness, so at least it’s motivation for us to keep moving ahead.


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