Garden Monday

The hubs and I went to visit friends in Little Rock this weekend and took Monday off as well, so we could rest after visits and travel. I don’t remember the last time I took a day off just to hang out at the house and it was wonderful. We let the day decide what we were going to do. We started with a walk with the pups, then decided after lunch to head to Lowes to finally do a little landscaping. We’d be so preoccupied with working on the inside of the house that we hadn’t really done anything yet with the outside. The front of the house really didn’t have anything as far as flora. There were a couple of small hosta like plants, but because the way the overhang is in front, it would nearly drown them every time we had rain.

I love going to Lowes for plants because they have a great selection, and they even have a clearance section for plants that don’t look too good. As long as you give them some extra care, I’ve never had any problems getting them to come back. People just want to buy a pretty plant when they get it at the store so if you can look past that, you’ll save some money.

For the little corner of dirt by our driveway, we planted a Gardenia that will flower, grow up to 6′ tall and smell wonderful as you approach the house. The yellow flowers in front (I can’t remember their names) will remain short (and were on sale for $1!). The main bed has a wide variety of plants. Closer toward the door are plants that like water (spikey grass and calla lilies). We drilled holes on the bottom and sides and filled it with rocks to catch water from the roof and disperse gently into the bed. Previously the water would come down like a waterfall and drown the couple of plants that were in the bed. In the center near the windows are boxwoods. They will bush out and once established, are very low maintenance. To the right of the boxwoods are some hostas. I love how easy going hostas are. Once they establish, you only need to pick off dead pieces, and once they get big enough, you literally can make more by hacking it into pieces and replanting it. Littered throughout the rest of the bed are begonias that will also fill out in the next few weeks. On the walkway is a pot with Gerbera daisies (also on sale for $1 each). And unseen in the picture are three bushes we bought (on sale for $3 each), that will be planted behind the house, near the street that backs up against the house.

Overall, a few hours and around $100 for all the flowers, plants, topsoil, mulch, and plant fertilizer was totally worth it.  Now when I pull into the house, I don’t see an empty bed, I see a collaborative effort and care put into the home. I also know that overtime, I’ll get to see the plants grow and flourish and fill up. I can’t wait.

It’s no finished products, as we plan on doing more intensive landscaping/hardscaping in the front eventually, but for now, this adds a nice, welcome touch to the house.


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