BBQ baby back ribs and grilled pineapple

I’m a lucky girl. I have a husband who loves to cook and try new things. Yay for me because I’m not that much of a fan of cooking. My food usually comes out okay but I’m not a fan of trying to time everything (I ALWAYS forget to make the sides), and I’m not good at improvising to improve a dish. Dylan is. We have a book called Mastering the Grill. I highly recommend it. I think everything we’ve made out of it so far has been genius. Everything comes out perfectly seasoned and tasty (always helps to have an ace cook at home too ).

mastering the grill_
Photo courtesy – go get this book if you like food!

The hubs found out he was selected as a top candidate for a promotion, so we had to celebrate.He made a fantastic BBQ baby back ribs with grilled pineapple last week. He put together the BBQ and I grabbed the beer.

Beautiful! A brown sugar mixture was laid on the pineapple to slowly melt into the fruit.
That…is a thing of beauty my friends
A good, light, slightly floral beer to pair with the ribs and pineapple. Always good on a warm, humid day.


You can’t get a more perfect picture of BBQ perfection than that. The pink (smoke) ring around the meat says you smoked it at a low enough temperature and slowly enough that you didn’t denature the meat. In other words, you did it right. There’s something to be said about eating an amazing BBQ dinner. I feel so wonderfully satisfied.


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