I’m no Bob Vila

I try really hard at my house projects. But I’m nowhere close to being a Bob Vila or Mr. Holmes. Half the time I’m wingin it as best I can. Not to say that my jobs are bad. I’m just saying my only training is mostly through YouTube and learned mistakes. As  you know I’ve been working on my bathroom. I called it a renovation but really it’s mostly just a coat of paint and some new hardware. Until I gather the thousands to do a major overhaul, this will have to do. I planned on for now, a new coat of paint, some new hardware (toilet paper holder, hooks for towels intead of a bar and no more hand towel ring). So far I was able to get up the toilet paper holder and the hook for the hand towels. The toilet paper holder so far had definitely been the easiest. The safety checklist was by far the best part of the installation by the way…


…safety goggles?? Really?


And although I didn’t use safety goggles when installing the toilet paper holder, you should always adhere to the safety measurements the company has issued. You can never be too safe, right?

No hooks for the towels yet. I ran into a couple of snags along the way that held me up for time. (These don’t even include the previously listed snag, where I dumped the gallon of paint into may shower).

Firstly, when I tried to put the screws in for the hand towel hook, I snapped a screw half-way into the cabinet. I went to Lowes trying to search for a method to extract said screw. No luck. So I did what any American would do: I searched YouTube and lo and behold I found the answer, which cost me nothing! Just take your electric screwdriver, tighten it around your busted screw, throw her into reverse and viola! I didn’t think something like this would actually work but it did. So I was able to finally get that stupid hook into the cabinet after about a day and a half of trying to figure out what to do. My advice? Always start with the YouTube.

Secondly, after the hubs pre-drilled the holes into a board for the bathroom hooks, I got to painting the board. Nothing fancy, just a 2×4 painted white with black hooks. I put a few coats on, sanded it, then added a final coat. Then I looked for the screws for the hooks. Somehow they’d gone AWOL. I’ve looked everywhere with no luck, so I’ll have to make another trip to Lowes to retrieve some black screws. No big deal, just a time suck. Once the screws are in, the towel hook board will go up and all I’ll have left is to paint the ceiling beam glossy white. Then I’ll be at a good stopping point in the bathroom. I’d eventually like to paint the cabinets white and add some spa-like wall art to it, but in due time. I need to do some more research on painting cabinets.



What are some of your worst project stories? Any cans of paint splattered everywhere? Screws go into the next wall? Accidental holes? Let me know. I’d love to hear them. We can commiserate.

Oh, and PS – did I ever tell you the color this bathroom was before they covered it with off-white? It was, along with half the house, a dark drab olive green (the picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s much darker in person). I have no idea what this person was thinking. Army theme? Deep jungle? Either way, I don’t think I’d feel serene or calm in this bathroom….



Let me know what you think

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