A fresh look

I decided to revamp my blog with a new theme and color. I think, after taking Blogging 201 and trying to focus on what I want my blog to be about, I’ve decided it’s going to heavily focus on design, more specifically on our home and what we do with it. We bought a 1980’s home and have been slowly tweaking it to make it our unique pad. It had been a rental for some time so it has a lot of the qualities that come with a rental (oak everything, damaged laminate flooring, neglected yard, etc.) so whenever we gather up enough cash, we add a little bit more of ourselves to the home. And for me, I’m terrible at making decisions and I’m terrible at coming up with the perfect look right away, so I’ll constantly be changing things up (a wonderful thing when writing a blog).

We also love food (and live in Austin) so I’m sure I’ll be subjecting you all to some food talk as well. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Let me know what you think of the new look. Be honest. I can take it.

Good Thursday, all!



  1. I like the updated look and I know you did this a year ago but the white trim around the garage door windows competes with the trim color of the large house window. I would paint the garage window trim the same color as the the house window or solid gray like the garage door itself. White simply clashes.

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