Bathroom reno in progress

I’ve been busy painting away at the bathroom the last couple of days. Yesterday I technically finished with the color. I still need to paint the beam and trim glossy white, and did notice a small patch of color I missed that I’ll go back for. The fun though, was yesterday. In all my years of painting I finally spilled the can of paint. I knocked it right off the shower ledge and landed head down. Perfect plop upside down. Luckily it was directly in the shower and I was almost done. I quickly picked up the can, set it on a surface and went back to throw the shower on. I jumped in, fully clothed, and started wiping the shower down as quickly as I could. I then bleached it down to avoid any staining. What a mess. I’m grateful at least that it was in the shower so I could just wash it all down. I can’t imagine if it’d been spilled anywhere else.

I bought some hardware for the towels; I’m doing hooks instead of a towel bar, which only fit one towel well (and new ones cost a fortune), a hook for the hand towel, and a new toilet paper holder. It’s the little things in life.

The hardware is not up yet, but I’ll have it up in the next few days and will add pictures. Here’s a sneak peek.



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