Finding something or somethings that you love to do is so important. If you only work and go home, you tend to burn out quickly, get stuck in a rut, and wait for something to pull you out. I’ve dabbled in a few things like sewing, a couple of sports, and writing. But my favorite hobby is painting. Not so much pictures but walls. I love finding the perfect color and painting the walls of my house. It transforms a room for about $30. I have one more room to paint, the master bathroom, then I will have painted every wall in the house. Currently I’m painting the master bath ceiling, which is something I hate to do, but it was necessary. The previous owners had no talent when they painted but loved to paint every room dark Army olive green. And they slopped it on the ceiling and counters unfortunately. Most of the room’s ceilings were fine as is but this one was yellow and bad. In one area, it looked like they tried to cover up a spot they painted on the ceiling but they used a shiny yellow-white color so it was beyond obvious. I felt like if I painted the walls but left the ceiling, it just wouldn’t be the same. I wanted this bathroom, to change, to feel warm and spa-like. Right now, it feels like a rental, with base oak cabinets and off white walls.

Trying to paint sometimes feels like extreme yoga.
Slowly but surely coming along. It definitely makes a difference.
I plan on painting the beam as well. I think it’ll be the same color as the cabinets…whatever color they end up being.
That small amount took me about 20 minutes, so….

As you can see, navigating through a bathroom is not all it’s cracked up to be, regardless of what you’ve heard. You can see where I’ve started the painting process, and it does make quite the difference, which makes me glad I’m doing it. Next will be the walls (I’m thinking a warm blue/green), then eventually painting the cabinets (gray? white?); haven’t quite figured out that scheme yet, and maybe upgrading the light fixture near the shower. It’s not the main light, so it doesn’t need to be extremely bright. It just helps light up that corner since the bathroom is quite long. Tune in to see the finished product. Hopefully I’ll have the ceiling, and maybe the walls done by this weekend (fingers crossed).

And since I will have run out of interior walls to paint….onto the exterior!!



  1. I love painting trim, but I hate rolling paint. Did you ever watch ‘Murphy Brown’ in the 80s where her house painter just seemed to be a fixture, he never finished painting? He just kept painting, because he never got it just the way he wanted, I think his name was Eldin.

    • See, now I love rolling because you start to really see the big picture. And yeah, I did watch Murphy Brown. I completely forgot about the painter. It’s one of those things where you see him everyday and it doesn’t phase you, but when you sit down and think…wait…usually painters don’t just hang out at your house all the time. Haha. Good show.

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