Ice = home

Today, I actually had a plan. I was going to do some garage sale-ing for some unique home decor stuff, then shop for a birthday gift for my mom. I was thinking some Austin made candles and apothecary type stuff. She just bought a house recently and has been doing a lot of renovation work, so some relaxation material is usually appreciated.

But nature decided to derail my plans today. I woke up to feed the dogs, walked out to the back deck and just about wiped out on the thin layer of ice covering the deck. Dylan called a few minutes later and let me know that accidents were popping up all over the city and they were planning on shutting down some highways.

Not going out in that. Here in Austin, we don’t have salt or plows, so any inclement weather can wreak havoc. So, instead, I’m going to work on the chalkboard wall I plan on painting in the kitchen.

Recently, I repainted and attempted an office renovation. I’m only somewhat satisfied with the outcome. I feel like it needs some color but I’m not sure how or where. Rug? Colorful artwork? Or should I change the color of the walls altogether?? Luckily a gallon of paint is $30. Let me know what you think. I’ll post on the progress of the blackboard later. In the mean time, any collaboration or ideas for a warm feeling office is welcome.

IMG_3597 IMG_3613

I’d planned on a two toned desk, but after painting it, I decided to make the whole thing a light mint with just the border in teal. I polyurethaned the desk to make it shiny and durable.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any before pics so all I have is the after, but I can paint a picture. The walls were tan, flat, and plain. I had nothing hanging on the wall. Basically a blank slate.

IMG_3700IMG_3701 IMG_3716

So here’s the overall. I feel like it’s missing something (besides curtains). I need to pick up a curtain rod and make some curtains still. Another to-do for the to-do list.



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