Never stop learning

I’m not a new blogger, but I am still learning to blog on a consistent basis. I go in streaks, with random posts of information, which I’m sure annoys and maybe even drives away some readers. So far this year, it seems to me, that it will include a lot of learning. I have two different courses I’ll be attending for the national guard, one here and one away, and I am signed up and ready to start day one of Blogging 201.

On day one, I have to come up with some goals as well as answer some questions, so I’ll be interviewed by myself during this session. An interesting interview, you can be assured! Here we go!

Myself: So, why do you blog?

Me: Wow, that’s actually a great question. Hmmm, well I love blogging because it takes the great art of writing and adds another creative aspect to it. I love design and color, so getting to mess around with colors, themes, and widget just adds to the whole creative process. I also want to become a better writer. I feel like having a blog helps me to stay active in writing. I have followers, which makes me feel that I need to supply them with something every once in a while. Writing a blog also helps me find a style of writing. If I go straight to writing a story, novel, or article, I’m focusing so much on the material that I feel like you sometimes can’t find the style in there. It comes out sounding more like a book report or a bunch of sentences and thoughts put together. Blogging gives me various subjects to write on, so I can give myself the freedom to write,  not focusing so much on the content maybe, but more on the style I deliver it in.

Myself: If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?

Me: Another great question. My blog would be visually interactive. I want you to be able to go to my blog, want to read what I have written, and want to click around, gathering bits of me in the widgets (what am I currently reading, what’s on my instagram) or my various tabs (short stories, about me). I want it to be visually appealing, classic, but unique.

Myself: What three goals do you have for this blogging course?

Me: I have two I can think of right off the bat. First, I’d love to hit 200 followers by June, if not sooner. I also want to publish a short story to my blog by May. I made the tab, but I’ve got nothing in there. I have a couple of stories I’ve started, so I feel like this would push me to finish them. For my third goal, I’d like to find and read more short stories from bloggers out there, which means finding more short story writers. I’m not sure exactly specifically this entails. Maybe finding three or four short story writers and reading one or two of their stories per month. I just need to get back to doing more reading. Life took over there for awhile and I stopped doing things I enjoyed.

Myself: Well this concludes our interview. Thanks so much for your time and good luck with your goals.

Me: Hey, thanks for interviewing me. I’m honored.




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