Making new out of old

I love finding an old piece of furniture and  making it new again. Going to garage sales or consignment shops can deliver an assortment of finds, and you never know what you’ll discover. I’d bought a mirror years ago from a garage sale for $5. It was okay, just a plain silver mirror. After we moved to TX, I finally decided to hang it, but wanted to paint it first, to give it a pop of color on the wall. I think it only took a single can of paint. $4 to completely change the look of this mirror.


I was at a consignment shop recently, looking for some shirts, when I decided to venture over to the furniture, to see what they had. Usually there’s a lot of junk, but once in a while, you find something good. This time was one of them. I’d been on the hunt for a side table for our living/entrance area. Something to fill in some space, add some decor and a place to show off some pictures. Well, lo and behold, today was going to be one of my lucky days. I found an old 80’s style veneered side table for $12.99. It seemed solid except for a couple legs that just needed some tightening, so I grabbed it. The husband and I both agreed it’d look great as a mustard yellow, to go with the coral and blues in the house.

I think the results turned out pretty great. We painted it with two cans of paint. I tried to protect it with a lacquer but the spray lacquer left an unevenness on the top that I didn’t like, so I’ll be buying a can of varnish later to finish it up to give it protection and shine.


Let me know what you think

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