Grateful, thankful

I haven’t written anything for awhile. I guess I’ve been feeling pretty blank when it comes to writing anything down. But since we are entering Thanksgiving, I thought I’d at least write down what I’m grateful and thankful for.

I’m grateful for a patient husband who believes in me. We have a lot of ups and downs, but he believes in me and I believe in him and this makes us hold on in this crazy whirlwind world of ours.

I’m thankful for friends who are willing to watch our dogs while we are both out of town. Not that many people would take two crazy pups into their homes.

I’m grateful for my upbringing. I am who I am today because of my history. I have lots of faults and problems, like all people do, but that’s what makes me see the world as I do. We can learn from each other, how we each look at the world, by our history.

I’m thankful for a job. I complain sometimes about it (mostly about how bored I get) but I’m thankful to have one, to be able to purchase what I need, have a home, treat friends to food, take care of animals, all because I’m employed.

I’m grateful for my dogs. They bring me solace, comfort and laughter and remind me to simplify (although I’m not always so good at it).

I hope people reflect on what they’re grateful for and take it to heart. So many of us say what they’re thankful for and turn around and destroy their own words. Take comfort in what you have and who you are with.



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