An introvert’s idea of a fun Friday

I’m not someone who can hang out with a ton of people for a long period of time. I consider myself to be introverted. Blame it on me being an only child, blame it on me moving enough to not stay in contact with any of them these days, or blame it on nothing. I enjoy my alone time. I don’t mean that I have to be alone all the time, but lately with classes, I’m around people all the time and it starts to grate on me. I was suggested by someone to coordinate this hike with a group of people. I ignored the suggestion and went on the 7-mile hike in the woods by myself.


It was lovely and energizing. What extroverts need to understand is I do things by myself, not because I don’t want to socialize with people (although that is sometimes the case), or because I’m feeling depressed or anything like that. Sometimes I just want to be by myself. I enjoy exploring alone sometimes. Just me and the trees and frogs and my thoughts.


Hope you enjoy my solitary pics. I’m sure I’ll be back there before my departure from this area of the country.





treetops pond pinecone path forest floor footbridge flowers caanopy bridge meAn introvert's idea of a fun Friday



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