Distracting myself with another project

Since there’s a good chance I won’t see my counter tops finished before I leave for six months, I decided to move forward with one more project before I left: flooring!! 

It sounds like a big project, especially since it includes my living, dining and kitchen area, but so far it’s actually been quite easy. I think overall we’ve spent two days, but have worked a total of eight to nine ours on the floor and we’ve gotten quite far. We are putting down Allure Ultra vinyl plank flooring. I know, you’re thinking “vinyl, what???”. Hear me out. This stuff is awesome. It’s like laminate in that it is an interlocking plank, but it’s so much better because it doesn’t sound as hollow when you walk on it, it’s super moisture resistant, and requires no underlayment or crazy tools. All we’ve used is a utility knife, measuring tape, square, and metal snips. 

Here’s a very quick timeline:

This was taken the evening of our first full day. I did the majority by myself as the hubs was working. We had done maybe two to three feet out of the far wall the evening before, just to try it out. Although it only took me around five or six hours to do as much as you see, my fingers and knees were suffering, so I had to stop for a beer….or two. 



The next two pics are day two pictures. This took a lot longer as there was a lot of cutting, around the pony wall, the curved wall by the entry, the door to the yard…all the cutting took quite the effort. 




My dogs love to photo bomb




My dog Arthur, thinking he is helping with the cleanup



I took tomorrow and Wednesday off, hoping to finish it up, plus spend some quality time with the hubs before I leave on Friday for my six month adventure in the land called Mississippi.


Let me know what you think

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