Kitchen renovations – they came!

Kitchen renovations - they came!

Today the contractor came and finished ripping out the pony wall and cut into the walls to get them prepped for squaring off. Tomorrow they come to do electrical work, sheet rock, and construct the new pony wall.
I noticed that one of the walls that connects to the outside was only partially insulated. I’m going to go buy some extra insulation so they can install it so when I’m sitting in my little recipe desk, I don’t freeze half my butt off.

Things are starting to move along, and I’m very happy with that. The contractor seems knowledgeable so I’m happy with that as well, but construction and prep work leading up to this has been going on since December so no matter what, I’m getting notably anxious and excited.

More pics to come as the days progress. My hope and goal, along with the original plan, is to have this all done by Friday. Woo!


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