Kitchen renovation – It just may happen

Our cabinets came in today, hurrah hurrah!! I never thought I’d actually get to the point of my kitchen actually happening. The load, all 27 pieces, came in to the garage (and fit) today and will start the install process officially on Monday. Saturday the plumber and electrician will shut off everything and make sure it’s ready for prep. Then Monday the demolition starts. 

In the meantime, Dylan spray painted the frame I’d gotten at a garage sale, and I hung it up. My plan is to eventually cover the wall with more frames to balance the length of the wall.



Here is a few pics to get you an idea of what our cabinets will be looking like. Image

Our big giant pile of wood, soon to be a beautiful kitchen.


I found the cutlery drawer. Special ordered, double layer drawer to hold all of our cutlery. 


This gives you a good idea of the cabinet color – maple cabinets in espresso. 

Next week will be quite busy and exciting. I finally will be completely checked out of the apartment, which will just be a weight off my shoulders. Wednesday I have cleaners to come in and help clean the apartment and our appliances come in as well. Then Friday is check out day and the final day of the renovation!

I’ll post more pics as progression continues!


Let me know what you think

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