Kitchen renovation – week I don’t even know anymore

I apologize for the gap between posts. I’ve had quite the couple of weeks. First of all, I have had some issues with Home Depot still coordinating with me. I talked to the assistant manager and we came to the conclusion that my main frustration had been with the construction company. I was supposed to go over pricing with Jim the contractor, but he never contacted me back. I’ve gotten so stressed and tired from trying to coordinate between Home Depot and the construction people.

On top of this, I had to replace my car’s timing chain because I failed to get my car in in a timely manner. This put me back a healthy $1500. Meanwhile, the assistant manager contacted the construction company’s manager and I ended up talking to him instead about pricing and what I could do to cut some of the costs. After talking with him and letting him know my frustrations with Jim, I felt a lot better. I then got a call from JB hunt letting me know my cabinets were ready to ship. Woo hoo!!! It was finally starting to feel like we might get a kitchen. All I felt like I was doing was spending money. I then called the construction company to let them know when the cabinets were coming in (as I was instructed to do). I was told that Ashley would be calling me back as she is my coordinator. I called them on Tuesday. Today is now Friday. My cabinets come in on Wednesday, so if I don’t hear back by Monday, I’ll have to call back again. This company so far has been pretty bad about timeliness. I’m just hoping she is busy and she will get back to me soon.
For a couple days things felt like they were finally starting to line up. My mom and mother in law came into town so we’ve been hosting and touring them around as much as possible in between all this craziness.
But of course good feelings can’t last. On top of the $1500 timing chain, my car’s brake pads and rotors are warped and I need new tires. Granted these things are maintenance related,  unlike the timing chain, but when your car is 11 years old, even maintenance feels like too much money. The hunk a metal is probably worth $2K so when I’m putting hundreds into it, it just feels like I’m throwing money into the proverbial fire. I know this is still cheaper than 72 payments with a new car but I start to get nervous with how long this can last. My car is now at 167K miles. I’m taking her down to Biloxi in the spring so we’ll see if she comes back with me six months later. Anyways, I digress.

In the meantime, while we’ve been waiting on the cabinets, we did paint the living room walls. All are now white except one Ocean Voyage accent wall. I absolutely love it. The color has brought on a level of warmth and completeness into the room, even without the new flooring yet. I’ll let you decide what you think, but regardless, I’m keeping it. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the flooring as well, but that must go as restaining it, plus staining the kitchen floor would cost at least twice as much as putting down gray plank flooring.

living room
To top off this crazy couple of weeks, my laptop’s motherboard most likely blew so I’m actually writing this all on my iPhone. You do what you gotta do to keep the blog going, right? I’m going to fiddle with the laptop to see if it’s possibly not the motherboard, and just sticky memory, or something else. It’s been popping to life here and there. I’ll definitely have to back up the harddrive onto an external drive if I can get it to pop to life one more time.

I hope to having a working laptop again, as well as a fully functional kitchen within the next few weeks. Wish me luck and I hope to post sooner rather than later.


We got a little sleet down here in Texas. Needless to say, everything shut down. Fine for me. Blogging in my pj’s works for me.


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