Kitchen Renovation – week 6 – frustrations

I spent four hours of my Sunday at Home Depot, trying to explain to the loan folks that the address I have listed, is in fact my address, because, crazy enough to believe, I wouldn’t shack up at someone else’s house, spend five weeks planning, and decide to renovate their kitchen.

The ordering of my kitchen is currently being held up because of my address. This is now starting to really frustrate me. I offered to fax in my HUD and another receipt to verify that I truly live in this house, but the woman on the phone didn’t feel like working yesterday and told the store manager there was nothing we could do that day. I found out later this was a lie and that she should have taken my proof of address. Because this woman didn’t feel like getting off her butt to check the fax machine, I may be losing out on $1300+. I’ll be expecting that out of her paycheck, thank you very much.

On the plus side, the people at the actual Home Depot store are working at getting me approved and getting me the discount. The designer is even texting me, keeping me updated on the status. I’m hoping to hear some good news in the next few hours on getting approved and being able to order this kitchen. I was really hoping that we’d be at least in the construction phase once my mother and mother-in-law got down here but it’s looking quite doubtful now unfortunately. Oh well, I’m still really excited to have them down and this won’t deter me from having a good time, kitchen or no kitchen.

Updates to follow as they come.


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