House life – sans construction

My last couple of posts have been rather negative and don’t completely reflect all that has been going on at the house. We’ve picked out colors and decor for the guest bath (minus some wall art, toiletries for guests, and the eventual painting of the cupboards). We’ve also been walking around the neighborhood, enjoying the sights, and toying with colors and patterns for the living room. It hasn’t been bad at all living in this house. It’s been very enjoyable so far and we’re loving owning our own place again. Here’s some visual of the other things we’ve been doing, besides stressing out over a kitchen. Image

Guest bath – getting it ready for mom and mom-in-law. I’ll eventually paint the cupboards, or if I get ambitious enough, replace them with something else. I’ll eventually pull up the tile as well, but that’s for later. For now, I just wanted some nice rugs and new towels to welcome new guests.



Possible color schemes. We will have gray floors and espresso cabinets. The guest bath is above so I’m needing something to blend in. I’m liking these colors, but am going back and forth from this or possibly to a green palette instead.


Our cat Frasier hanging out with me on our bay window while I read a book. I’ll eventually be sewing a big fluffy cushion on the bay window for more comfortable reading.



Taking a with the pups. The evenings have been windy and chilly but nothing like they are in Minnesota this time of year. We’re grateful we’ve been able to get out, get some exercise and smell the air in the afternoons.



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