Kitchen Renovation – week 5 – stalled

I’m trying to be patient with this kitchen renovation. I knew it would take a long time, and I know that I planned it around holidays, but I’m still starting to get impatient. The lack of communication between the contractor and Home Depot designer has been less than stellar. Luckily, in my everyday life, my job usually revolves around poking people and being the overall squeaky wheel, so I’m used to it. I was really hoping by now to have the cabinets ordered but with the holidays, it’s delayed it by at least a week. I’ll talk to the contractor or designer one day, and have to wait a week for any transaction to happen between them. 

I’m still hoping I can make headway next week so we can get the cabinets ordered. My mom and mother-in-law will be visiting from Minnesota toward the middle/end of the month and I’d like to see some action done, but I’m guessing we will just have the order in by then, but with no hopes of an install to start. 

Oh well. 



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