Kitchen renovation – week 5 – finding balance

Kitchen renovation - week 5 - finding balance

This weekend was great, even though we didn’t really do much for construction. I’m still waiting to hear back from the contractor. Hopefully today we can schedule him to come in and verify our plans will work. If he gives the thumbs up, we head back in to Home Depot to give the order a thumbs up, then we wait for cabinets to come in and be installed.
In the meantime, we’re learning to live in our home. We finally got the big heavy stuff in, like the couch, buffet, TV and dining table with the help of Dylan’s buddy, which I’m so grateful for. Never underestimate the power of good friends.
Right now, the hardest part about finding a balance in between a major remodel is trying to make your new place feel like home, but not moving absolutely everything in, since it’ll all have to be removed within the next few weeks.
We moved a lot more of the kitchen items from the apartment to the house this weekend, in which we realized how amazingly small and inefficient this kitchen really is. I started unpacking and shelving items, and before I’d gotten half my items in, I was starting to panic a bit where to put the rest. There are only a handful of regular sized cabinets, and the drawers are wide but short so my drawer organizer doesn’t fit. The pantry is 24″ wide with about six short shelves, so cereal boxes are a challenge. This just enforces my excitement about having a new kitchen. We figured the renovations will add about 10 linear feet of space plus 10+ more real cabinets PLUS a huge pantry.

Besides the kitchen and getting all the living room items in, we worked in the backyard as well. We raked up leaves, moved some rocks, and put garden tools in the storage shed. We even installed a cat door out to the garage so the cat will have a private bathroom and food area so the dogs don’t get to it. He’s taking his time with the idea of using a door but I know he’ll get it.

My goals for week 5 are simple but important: getting a hold of the contractor to verify all our ideas will work and giving the okay to order, finish unpacking, getting internet in the house, and painting an accent wall along the side of the fireplace.

Lots to do when you work full time but we’ll get it done. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I hope everyone has a great week ahead.


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