Kitchen renovation – Week 4 – thinset up – furniture in

Kitchen renovation - Week 4 - thinset up - furniture in

I’m still working on getting a hold of a contractor at Home Depot. It’s been a little tough since everyone is one vacation right now, which is completely understandable. We did rent a rotary hammer to grind up all the thinset off the kitchen. Now both the kitchen and living room floors are completely torn up, cleaned and ready for flooring after the cabinets come in.
Today, we are going to move the rest of our stuff in and actually start living here on a more permanent basis. A friend is going to help us move the couch, dining table, and other heavy items down from the third floor. I’ll be glad not to have to be moving items down multiple flights of stairs. I have gotten a nice workout though doing so.

I think once the couch and bed and table are in the house, it’ll start feeling a little more like home. Right now it just feels like a construction project, and it hasn’t really hit me that this is our home yet.

Wish me luck on the Home Depot peeps. I hope a construction guy is in so we can have him come out and do a final once-over to make sure all our cabinets will fit. Once we do that, we give them any final changes we want, then we ORDER!!


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