Renovation – Week 4

Not too much has been going on as far as actual demo in the kitchen department. We met with the designer after the contractor came out and took measurements to make the CAD drawing. We worked with her for about four hours coming up with where to put stuff, which cabinets to put where, that kind of stuff. I won out and am getting the current pantry knocked down and putting cabinets in place, and am getting a big, real pantry in the dining nook. Very excited, and I think my husband is too. Everyone was unsure of my idea until they stewed on it for a bit, and they all concluded after a bit of contemplation that it was a good idea. *Pats self on back*. Of course, I’ll know for sure it was a good idea when it actually gets installed.

Oh, and by the way, if this post gets a little wonky, I apologize. I’m on night time cold meds. This is the third installation of a nasty cold/flu disease I’ve contracted. I hardly ever get sick more than once a year. I don’t know what’s up with me this year but it sucks.

Back to the renovation stuff…unfortunately I don’t have a 3D drawing to show you. Only CAD so it’s a bit hard to visualize. I’ll show you the CAD plus the real life before and give you an idea. The only thing that’s hard to visualize is the “pony wall”, or the wall where the sink is. It’s going to be pulled out 20″ to give more room to move and a bit more counter space as well.

Here is an “aeriel” view. The big difference (besides the cabinetry) is that the pony wall (wall at the bottom of the page) has been moved out. You’ll notice the regular cabinet next to the gas range instead of the little itty, bitty, badly placed pantry, and to the far right of the picture is all my new area where there used to be a tiny dining nook! The corners will be squared off, cabinetry on the wall parallel to the fridge and range, a pantry in the middle of the adjacent wall, and a built in desk next to it, perfect for recipe collection, note taking, email checking, bill paying, what have you.

photo aerial

Next is what that dining nook wall will look like. The bare patch on the left is only because that is where cabinets will be on the adjacent wall. The middle section of cabinetry is my pantry. On the right hand side is the built in desk, with a little bit of storage on the side for notes, cords, etc, and open shelving above it for pictures, recipe books, etc.

photo (4)

And here is a real life picture of what it looks like now. Pretty much like nothing 🙂


This is the other wall that will be getting a lot of attention. The existing pantry next to the oven will be knocked down so there will be prep space on each side. There will be a narrow pull-out shelf for storing oils and spices, and above the fridge will hold a wine rack. On the other side of the hallway, is the second part of the dining nook, the part you can’t see from above. There will be tall 42″ cupboards and extra storage for serving and entertaining ware, as well as linens. There will also be extra counter space for any other prep needed. Overall, we’ll be gaining about 10 linear feet of counter, an amazing amount of storage, and just an overall beauty of a kitchen.

photo (3)

BEFORE! Can’t wait to show you all the AFTERS.. Stay tuned.

photo (1)


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