Renovation – Week 3

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I had a pretty good one at guard drill, which unfortunately though, means I had no free weekend. I learned more about networking and got to help move a server, which was cool. Nerd fun I guess?

I did do a little more destruction last week but was so busy getting ready for the weekend I didn’t write about it. 

We had the contractor for Home Depot come out on Thursday and took measurements of the kitchen, but we also gave him our ideas of making the kitchen more functional and entertainment friendly. He had some great input on how far back we can move the center area, due to plumbing, and ways to add more storage into the dining nook. His visit took about an hour total, and after he left, we both got the urge, so we grabbed hammers and pry bar and went to town ripping up the tile. 

It only took about an hour and a half to rip up the tile itself, but there is a lot of thin-set to clear out as well to make sure the vinyl planks go down smoothly and aren’t stressed on in certain areas, so we’ll be renting an electric floor scraper to get that stuff off. 

Here’s what two hours of popping tiles looks like:



Basically looks like a giant mess. 

But it’s one more job done. 


This week we should be getting a call to meet with the actual designers to start putting together our dream kitchen. According to their website, this could take upwards of a week, I guess depending on how particular or flexible you are with placement of cabinets, picking out colors, all that. Luckily I think we already have our colors picked out, although Dylan and I are going back and forth on which white counter to go with. We’ll see who wins that battle. 

Once we meet with the designers, and if I get to keep the plan drawings, I’ll post them up here to give you a visual on our thoughts and my bad descriptions.


Let me know what you think

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