Renovation – week 2?

I’m going to count this as week two since I technically started ripping up floors last week. This week, tomorrow specifically, a Home Depot designer/installer is going to come in and do some assessments on our kitchen. He’ll do measurements, and we’ll consult with him on what exactly we want to change. For example, I think I want my pantry moved from where it is. Currently, it’s about a 20″ door stuck in the corner of the kitchen next to the oven. It’s a bad place all around since it’ll be an area where people will frequent, and it’s just too small for us. I like to bake and the husband likes to cook and we both like to experiment so there’s usually a cornucopia of food items in the pantry. Also, in our little dining nook (pictures in previous post), I want to add storage, and possibly a desk? And lastly, we want to move the main kitchen counter/cupboard area back about two feet to give us more work room, and to make it feel a little more integrated into the rest of the living area. What could this possible look like you ask? So what do you want it to look like, you inquire? Well here’s some dream photos I’ve found online that I’ll probably present to the Home Depot guy. He’ll probably laugh at me but if I’m going to be doing this giant of a project, I may as well ask for everything I want, right?

Now obviously this won’t be exactly what I can do because of the shape of my kitchen and whatnot, but it has the elements. Pendent and canister lighting, espresso cabinets and white quartz counters, with plenty of storage and seating….and wine glasses. 

These are two different, but similar kitchens and I love them both. Both have the elements I want, including amazing backs plashes, and I will be showing these to the poor Home Depot man, screaming, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!”



Think it’s possible to get to the above from below? We’ll see what kind of magic Home Depot can do in the weeks to come 🙂





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