A Little Rock getaway

Yeah…Little Rock. Not the first place you think of when you think of getaway, but it is when you have good friends who reside within it’s piney greens. The drive to and from was even enjoyable (minus some of the traffic through Dallas on the way, and the slow semi’s on the way back on 79). Being from Minnesota, or at least living there a decent portion of my life, I’m used to summers filled with fresh cut grass, hay, pine and cow manure. In Austin, most of the land here is rockier and drier. Out east, it felt like a Minnesota summer. It was refreshing. 

Once we got to Little Rock, it was great to see Sol & Lacey. We hadn’t seen them since last July when they visited us. We walked around at the Indie Festival in the downtown area, ate at a couple of eateries, and just wandered around. Dylan tried crawfish at Eat My Crawfish for the first time – I tried the meat but refused to pull one apart. I played it safe and had some catfish and hushpuppies which were delicious. ImageImageImage


We walked around the waterways in Little Rock. The city has been doing a lot to revive the city, including adding a lot of bridges to walk around.


In parts of the areas we walked around on the bridges, it felt like we were at a little zoo. There were a ton of turtles, ducks and geese. What a great way to expose children who have maybe grown up in the city all of their lives to animals in a more natural habitat than just a zoo. 



Over the couple of days we were there, we really didn’t do a whole lot…except eat a lot. But that’s okay. I didn’t want to take the few days off I had and fill it with too much stuff to do. I feel like sometimes that’s my default activity. Fill my time with stuff to do. But sometimes I need to turn that off and just relax. Which is what I did. And I’m glad I did. Sol & Lacey are planning on visiting in July again this year. I can’t wait. Just remember that sometimes more is just too much, and doing just a little feels just right.



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