My restored faith in humanity

So lately in the news, all I’ve been hearing is negativity (which is sadly normal these days). I had just heard two different stories about brauls at two different McDonalds restaurants. Both involved random people hurling fists and other random people. Where did all of this anger come from?? Well I drove around for days after this, thinking there was no hope left in humanity, that everyone is just turning into a bunch of grumps.

But recently, my view changed, at least ever so slightly. On Easter, Dylan and I were just starting our ride on the motorcycle (we had finally gotten a nice day this Spring). We had gotten about a mile out when Dylan’s bike decided to completely die. We got it to a side road and he tinkered at it for a while. He came to the conclusion that it was most likely the battery decided to give out, so we picked up our bootstraps and hoofed it back to the house. We hopped into the car and headed out to one of the only stores open on Easter. And of course, to our luck, they didn’t have the battery we needed. So we drove back to where the motorcycle was. We decided to try to give it a running start. Dylan got on the bike and I tried with all my might to push that blasted thing to get it to start, but to no prevail. We tried about three times, when a van pulled into a driveway just ahead of where we were. A young couple got out and asked if we needed some help. We were both a bit hesitant at first (as it seems you have to be these days). The guy seemed nice enough, so we pushed the motorcycle to their garage. Turned out he had a motorcyle of his own in the driveway and seemed to know a bit about them, so we both felt a little more at ease. He said he could jump us, so we let him…and he did. We all kind of introduced each other as this was all going on.

So the day that had started out well, then quickly dipped to crappy, soon came crawling back up to “one of those days” that produces a pretty good story to tell.

From this Easter day, I learned that there still are trustworthy people out there. Hopefully these types of trustworthy people aren’t disappearing like I feel they sometimes are, and I hope as I go along my ways, I see more of them, and I hope I can be one, and assist some people along the way as well.

A shout out to Miguel and Melissa. Thanks so much for the boost!!


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