A chance encounter to help


After writing my last post about my restored, or somewhat restored, faith in humanity, and how I hope that I can be part of a “trustworthy” type of people, I remembered that I did have the opportunity to help someone who was in need, all by happenstance as well.

I was actually going home for lunch one day, and decided to skirt through a side street so I could avoid the lights ahead. Now that day, I had thought about riding my bike to work, which would mean I would just have stayed at work that day, and not gone home, but for some reason I decided to drive. Well, I slipped down this side street, and noticed a lady holding onto the back of a truckbed, waving me down. She was a bigger lady, with what seemed like, some possible mobility issues. I quickly pulled to the side and asked if she needed any help. As I got closer to her I noticed she was crying and sounded panicked. She at first mumbled words about not being able to get to her house (which was about 20 feet away) and something about someone not coming out to help. I wasn’t quite sure about what she was talking about. I tried to ask her where she was trying to get to. I noticed she had a walker in the back of the truck and asked her if she needed it. She refused and said she couldn’t get up to the sidewalk and that she was scared. She had a cane and a couple of bags filled with stuff. One of the bags was her purse and it was filled with what looked like receipts, or old bills. She took my hand when I got closer, but was unsteady and unsure of how to use her cane and balance the bags as well. I told her I could hold her bags, including her purse, then she could hold the cane with her left and and hold my hand with her right. It took her a little bit of time, but she finally understood what I was saying and did what I suggested. We very slowly eased up the curb. This was very scarey for her. She started to wimper slightly and said she was scared. I said we could do this together, we’d get there, slowly but surely, and we did. We kept it slow the rest of the way to her house as well. At first she was upset because she had stepped in dirt and said she’d have to take off her shoes when she got inside. Then she started to cry a little and said she was sorry that I was doing this. I told her, “This is what people do. People are supposed to help other people.” I felt good helping her. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that it was my break, or anything like that. I genuinely just wanted to help her up to her house.

Once we got to the top of her stairs, she relaxed a bit and calmed down. I think she said her name, but I honestly don’t remember what it was.

All in all, I felt good about what happened. I took the same road back after I was done with my break, and the light was on inside her house.  I felt I had done a good deed, and I felt like I had helped someone turn a potential horrible day into a good one, or at least a whole lot better than it could have been.


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